Monthly Social Night with NZPBC and Friends At Thai Street Bistro

The New Zealand Philippines Business Council members and friends regularly meet every 2nd Wednesday of the month after office hours, and since the 14th of August 2013, the social group enjoys food and drinks at the Thai Street Bistro, located at the new ASB Bldg., Karanga Plaza, 12 Jellicoe Street, Auckland Central (near the Auckland Fish Market).

This serves as an open invitation for everyone to enjoy the evening and network with NZPBC members and friends.

See you in Thai Street Bistro!!!

NZPBC's 'Tribu Kutsero' Joins 2015 Lingaw Duwa (Filipino Traditional Games)

Do you remember playing some of these traditional Filipino games back in the days when PlayStation consoles and computers did not exist yet (i.e. Patintero, Dakop-Dakop (Agawan Base), Kiriling Relay, Siatong, Jolens, Dama, Sungka, Takyan (Sipa), Tumbang Preso, Piko, and Luksong Tinik)? Well, this is your chance to relive those days, revive the skills, and show the younger generation how we enjoyed our childhood days with literal 'sticks and stones'.

NZPBC Inks Partnership Agreement with Pinoy Golf Club (PGC)

NZPBC and the Pinoy Golf Club of Auckland (PGC) formalized its partnership on 19 July 2015 for the staging of the 2015 NZPBC Cup on 6 September at the Manukau Golf Club.

For the past 3 years, PGC has been the organizing arm of the said golf tournament. Thus, the partnership cements the mutual support and collaboration between the two esteemed organizations, not only with regard to promoting the gentleman's game, but also with regard to advancing each other's projects and activities.