Young Blood Heir Takes Over Tres Marias Empire

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Maria "Joy" Catoto, one of the daughters of Oscar and Mercy Catoto, had recently returned to the family business to ensure that the legacy of her hard-working father continues. Tres Marias Trading Ltd., owned and operated by her family, are composed of the following subsidiaries: Tranfex New Zealand Ltd., Catoto Investments Ltd., and Freightwise International Global Logistics in Auckland, New Zealand. She looks to grow the 'empire' that her parents have worked hard to build for her and her siblings by incorporating the street-smart knowledge of her dad, the organizational skills of her mom, and the upbringing she has had as a "FIWI"(Filipino-Kiwi).

She completed a Bachelor of Business degree at Auckland University of Technology, specializing in Finance and Management. Since then, she acquired skills and knowledge in Business Administration, HR, Learning and Development, Marketing, Advertising, and Sales.

Joy said, "I feel that I would be a great addition to the NZPBC, as I would be able to provide a voice for the younger generation within business and give insight on issues and events that could attract more younger Filipinos to the group."