Chill time never tasted so good! – the Epiphany Café story…

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fresh donuts. It led to the founding of their Epiphany Café brand, named for their moment of revelation, and
dedicated to delicious donuts and other treats. The company has growing strings of cafes and kiosks in the
Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Auckland regions; now it’s preparing to take its edibles down-country to Wellington
and the South Island!
So, what’s the secret to making a perfect donut?
For Epiphany Cafe, who refer to their creations as heavenly treats, it’s all about high quality ingredients and
patience are key.
Let’s talk a bit more about Epiphany Café’s artisan donuts. They start with premium ingredients from New
Zealand that make an insanely soft donut base. Then, each donut ring is rolled, shaped, flavoured, and
designed by hand. It takes time to make them, but Epiphany Café wouldn’t have it any other way because they
want each bite to be as heavenly as the last.
Epiphany Café is committed to producing premium, high quality traditional and eccentric donuts and other
baked goodies.
In addition to great donuts, Epiphany Café is proud to serve the finest quality coffee. “We have created the
perfect science for roasting, blending and brewing – giving you the perfect cup every time.”
It is no secret that coffee and good food is demanded all over the world, especially in today’s fast-paced
society. Whether you need an early morning energy boost, a family-friendly bite and catch-up, or a leisurely
weekend affair you are guaranteed to find fresh and flavoursome food and beverage at your local Epiphany
Café, which really hits the spot!
We’re looking for passionate franchisees who will take on our new locations in Westcity Mall Henderson. Send
your Expression of Interest to
By becoming an Epiphany Café franchisee, you are able to reach the same level of professionalism
immediately. In order to be successful in business, you need focus. For our Franchisees, we have developed
superior systems and quality products making Epiphany the success it is today. Speaking of success, we are
proud to receive two additional recognition from a prestigious award giving buddy from Franchise Association
New Zealand. We won the Best Emerging Franchise System of the Year and a finalist on the Community
Involvement Franchise of the Year.
Our goal at Epiphany Café is to assist each and every one of our franchisees in achieving success in this fast-
growing industry. We want our franchisees to know that when they become a member of the Epiphany Café
family, they are in business for themselves... but not by themselves.

Be part of Epiphany Café franchise Group today!
Facebook: FB/epiphanycafenz
Instagram: @epiphanycafenz
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