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NZPBC Welcomes New Director, Lloyd Macrohon

NZPBC is glad to inform you that Lloyd Macrohon from Azon Restaurant has been appointed as a new Director of NZPBC Business Development committee per resolution passed and approved by Members of the Board on 23rd April 2017.

Lloyd'is an expert in the software industry, where he has been developing software for nearly 20 years. He is one of the original developers and software architect of one of NZ's most successful software products, MailMarshal.


With an impressive, high-profile career that spans several countries, NZPBC Corporate Member Mitzi Hansen of Bayleys St. Heliers, has succeeded at the top of many fields, consistently proving she has the poise and professionalism to excel, particularly in high-pressure situations. She is well-equipped to ensure her real estate clients are in extremely good hands. Her extensive client database is testament to her ability to build comfortable rapport and deliver results when it counts.

PROFILE: Fun Thoughts New Zealand Ltd. (FunTo), Corporate Member

Fun Thoughts New Zealand Ltd. (FunTo) is the first Filipino-owned business in New Zealand, pioneering originally-designed ‘Pilipinas-themed’ shirts using the newest technology of full sublimation printing in high-quality breathable fabric for business shirts and sportswear.

NZPBC Directors Meet in Wellington

The NZPBC directors from Auckland met up with the directors from Wellington on 2 August for the 1st Wellington Annual Strategic Review meeting. The Auckland-based directors included Chairman Lito Banal, Leilani Dizon (Media and Public Relations Committee) and Mark Dizon (Membership Committee).

Both groups from Auckland and Wellington came up with fresher, more exciting ways to bring the strategies to life for implementation in Wellington.

PROFILE: Mark Guadalupe, Associate member

Having a balance between work and home life can be a real challenge, but for NZPBC Associate Member Mark Guadalupe, having the opportunity to excel in the IT industry while managing time for his family makes it all worthwhile.

A Computer Science graduate from the Philippines, Mark got attracted to the industry early on in his life and saw it as an opportunity to get a job that pays more than the average population and use this as a tool to have his own business someday.

PROFILE: Quality Restaurants Group, NZPBC Corporate Member

Asians have always loved cooking and fine cuisine - such is the case for NZPBC member Ed Viterbo of Quality Restaurants Group. What started off as a simple family restaurant, with a vision to introduce Thai cuisine in New Zealand and to educate locals about Thai culture, has evolved into being a major player in the Auckland restaurant scene in just 10 years.